domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

to candy

to candy

when to sound the silence
of the acidity
that commoves
when from your eyes
a happy tear
and other and other and other
when my closed fists
require a little more love
i want blood
i want a smile from their swollen lips
yes it's sweet
as the mysteries in wild licorices
i guess we can to violate
sweat on the temples
yes it's sweet and magenta
light and its tenebrous handful
it's independent but
i love

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4 comentários:

MIRZE disse...

So beaultifull poem, that'll comove each one to read it.

"I want blood and smile from their swollen lips"

I loved it!



Rúbida Rosa disse...

It's wonderful!

BAR DO BARDO disse...

Obrigadinho, Mirze!

BAR DO BARDO disse...

Obrigadinho, Rúbida!